What are primitive reflexes?
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About me

Welcome to my website!  My name is Sarah Baker.  I treat adults and children for retained primitive reflexes in the Twickenham/Teddington area of London, and in Windsor, Berkshire.

I trained in the treatment of retained primitive reflexes at Access Potential Ltd, under the guidance of Bob Allen, who is a leader in this field (http://accesspotential.org).  I completed my training in November 2017, but have maintained links with Access Potential and still see clients there once a week.  I am currently setting up my own treatment practice, whilst also studying for a BSc in Health Sciences. 

Prior to my training at Access Potential, Bob Allen treated both of my children.  Thus I have first hand experience of how frustrating the effects of retained primitive reflexes can be, and how beneficial treatment can be for the entire family.  Treatment did not change who my children were, it simply allowed them to blossom into who they were meant to be.

I also have research experience: I gained a PhD in Ultrafast Laser Physics from Imperial College London in 2004, where I remained as a post doctoral research assistant for 5 years.  At some point in the future I would like to research the skin stimulation technique for inhibition of primitive reflexes to better establish this new field in the medical and educational professions.